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A couple years ago I started People, Policy, Planet as a vehicle for my thoughts about the interface of the three, as well as a venue for sharing sustainable tips, educational information, interesting blogs and websites, and my thoughts on current world events and political actions.

I’m now in graduate school at East Carolina University, studying marine ecology and working on a M.S. I teach non-majors biology and I’m working on marine research documentaries in my “spare” time. I’m all about science communication and literacy, and I would like to be able to bridge communication gaps between scientists, graduate students, biologists, managers, journalists, fishers, the public, educators, and governmental agencies. Towards this goal, my first step is to move People, Policy, Planet to the Southern Fried Science network.

My very first PPP post from October 2008 is below. I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think. Let’s start the interface of People, Policy, and our place in the Planet!

People, Policy, Planet Inaugural Post:

Throughout this political season, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the return to negative ads, personal attacks, circular reasoning, and the whole “you’re un-American if you disagree with the Administration” garbage. Basically, textbook Rovian tactics. And now Sarah Palin is accusing non-Republicans of being un-American.

Politics is about POLICY. My political views and preferences are based on the issues that matter to me. We all have different ideas and opinions about solutions and approaches to the problems that face our country. We vote for the candidates who best represent our views, ideals, and priorities. If I disagree with your perspective, I can still respect you and your opinion.

If I have different views on reproductive rights than you, those views are based on my own experiences, ideals, and religious beliefs. Just because my perspective differs from yours, it does not mean that I am not a religious person. Or “evil.” Or that my religious beliefs are invalid.

But when my political views are met with hatred and an attack on my person, then we have moved beyond politics and into bigotry. This is unacceptable. We can not survive another 8 years of this behaviour! And it’s still occurring. Every day there is a new bulletin on MySpace spouting nastiness. If you disagree with a candidate, logically present your argument about his/her position on the economy, taxation, or foreign policy. Do not attempt to create prejudice and fear by spreading unsubstantiated rumours and skewed information about religious background, upbringing, political experience, and conspiracy theories.

What does this have to do with environmental policy, science research, and ecology?

The more we know, and the more we research, and the more we discuss topics, the better off we are. We should explore opposing views and perspectives. We should think for ourselves. We should keep POLITICS to a discussion of POLICY.

I want this blog to be a site of respectful discussion and debate. Let’s increase environmental education. This will be an interdisciplinary source for topics about People, Policy, Planet.

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  1. I agree with zoologirl. I believe it will always, or should always, remain relevant because it speaks to how we should choose our leaders with a conscience, not because we are committed to the person, but because we believe in what they stand for.

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